Halloween Photography By MV

Photographer based in Annapolis Valley

I want to capture those heart pounding moments and the macabre style is perfect for it.

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Email madamvphotography@hotmail.com

My name is Vanessa Vaillancourt. I have been a Photographer for 15 years. I have tried all types of photography but my passion is photographing women and giving them confidence. www.madamv.carbonmade.com.

I am ready to step out of the box and take my work to the next level. I was introduced to this creepy style of photography last year and it really got my blood flowing. I would like to expand my creativity and capture heart pounding moments and the world of macabre is perfect for it. I am looking for other people to explore this dark world with me to create gut wrenching art that makes your skin crawl.

This Halloween I would love to get involved with the community and work with haunted houses, mazes, bars, private homes, the Annapolis mess, make up artists, hair dressers, costume shops. etc to bring this to life.

I hope you are inspired by my photography and want to work with me. I am up for anything, send me your ideas. This is a new experience for me I can’t wait to explore it! Please contact me for more information on pricing. Check out my page on Facebook.